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Zueljin Gaming
Nombre del canal Zueljin Gaming
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Descripción del canal I'm Zueljin! A gamer, content creator, & influencer! Zueljin Gaming is a channel dedicated to games of all types. Daily video uploads of new and upcoming popular indie games and a variety of other game types and genres. Subscribe today for free and enjoy a over 2000 videos of gameplays with more being added everyday! Please send all business inquiries to my business email listed below in the captcha. Personal inquiries can be directed to my comment feed, or my twitter @zueljin. Computer Specs Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K Devil's Canyon Quad-Core 4.0GHz Ram: G.SKILL Trident X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 2400 GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE® GTX 1080 HDD: Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 2.5inch Internal SSD Microphone: Samson MTR201 Screen Capturing with OBS Studio Videos Rendered with Adobe Premier
Nombre del canal GaLm
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Descripción del canal Hey there, I'm GaLm. I've been doing Let's Plays for 8-9 years (the first 3 on my old channel GamerClipz and the rest on this channel). I do LPs on a bunch of stuff that I'm interested in, and while I mostly play new games when they come out, inbetween I like to touch on older titles or indie titles that catch my interest. Sometimes I stream although its pretty random, just refer to the links for social media shenanigans. If you're wondering about computer specs and/or programs used, just click the pastebin link since its filled with info. My System Specs and Programs used: As a big note to devs: Beware of imposters! A few people have claimed to be me to try getting free codes, but I will only ever send first emails via my business email listed here and NEVER through any other email address. So if you get a random email that doesn't match my listed business email, please be aware and let me know.
Clonny Games
Nombre del canal Clonny Games
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Descripción del canal ✪ Welkom op Clonny Games! Mijn naam is Dante en mijn nickname Clonny. Ik ben dit kanaal gestart omdat ik gek ben op gamen, youtube, editen en eigenlijk alles met computers. Op mijn kanaal kun je gameplay , unboxings, challenges, vlogs, parodieen, top 10 lijstjes etc. verwachten. Wat ik het leukste vind aan youtube is dat ik kijkers blij maak met mijn video's en ik hoop dat ik dit later als werk kan blijven doen!
XboxViewTV - Gameplay & Trailers
Nombre del canal XboxViewTV - Gameplay & Trailers
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Descripción del canal Welcome on the official XboxViewTV channel with 4K HD trailers and gameplay walkthroughs for Xbox One X and PC games. Subscribe and Like us here @XboxViewTV! XboxViewTV is your starting point for the latest game trailers and news in best HD quality. We are here for you day and night, so you can be sure not to miss any more trailers. XboxViewTV is the largest gaming entertainment network. Stay informed with the newest trailer, previews, gameplays, exclusives and behind the scenes for all upcoming games. © 2008-2018 XboxViewTV MEDIA, All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Nombre del canal noobkill213
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Descripción del canal Madden Mobile, NBA Live Mobile, FIFA Mobile Youtuber! Post Daily everything Madden Mobile 17 From Pack/ Bundle Openings, NEWS, Gameplay, Lets plays and More!! If this is what you enjoy Make sure you HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!! Follow Me on ➤ Twitter ➤Instagram Official started (Oct 6, 2014)
Nintendo Life
Nombre del canal Nintendo Life
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Descripción del canal Daily videos with Alex! Come and enjoy game previews, reviews, glitches, secrets, quirks, and all manner of lovely things that all revolve around Nintendo.
Nombre del canal TheWaffleGalaxy
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Descripción del canal Let's Plays & Gameplay of Jurassic World Evolution, ARK: Survival Evolved, ARK: Ragnarok, ARK: Aberration, ARK: Scorched Earth, ARK Park VR, Skyrim: Remastered, Fallout 4, Minecraft, Minecraft Jurassic World, Star Wars, Minecraft Modded Survival, and more! What more could you ask for? ————————————————————————— ▶︎ CURRENT UPLOAD SCHEDULE - ▸ MON — Subnautica ▸ TUE — ARK Ragnarok ▸ WED — ARK Aberration ▸ THU — Jurassic World Evolution ▸ FRI — Subnautica & ARK Ragnarok ▸ SAT — ARK Aberration ▸ SUN — Jurassic World Evolution (Uploads subject to change at any time, follow @Waffleverse on Twitter for updates) ————————————————————————— ▶︎ Want to know what microphone I use? What software I use to record? Check out all of my gear here: ▶︎ Want to contact me?
Nombre del canal Spieletrend
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Descripción del canal Bei Spieletrend gibt es Videos zu Pokémon GO, kostenlosen MMORPGs, Browsergames und weiteren Onlinespielen. Alle Games, die einen Spieler im Trend interessieren! Pokémon GO, Shakes & Fidget, MMORPG Let's Plays und mehr - auf Deutsch.
Nombre del canal DualDGaming
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Descripción del canal David (ufo) och Danne (SoftisFFS) spelar spel med co-op Mån-sön. Dessa datum firade vi med buller och bång: 500 prenumeranter 2012-06-11 1000 prenumeranter 2012-09-07 1500 prenumeranter 2012-10-28 2000 prenumeranter 2012-12-08 2500 prenumeranter 2012-12-31 3000 prenumeranter 2013-01-19 3500 prenumeranter 2013-02-03 4000 prenumeranter 2013-02-18 5000 prenumeranter 2013-03-13 7500 prenumeranter 2013-04-20 10000 prenumeranter 2013-05-17 14000 prenumeranter 2013-06-25 17000 prenumeranter 2013-07-17 23409 prenumeranter 2013-09-10 30000 prenumeranter 2013-11-03 40000 prenumeranter 2014-01-05 50000 prenumeranter 2014-02-12 100000 prenumeranter 2015-01-06 197314 prenumeranter 2017-01-07 --- Vilka program har vi? Vilka grejer har vi i våra datorer? Svaren finns på
Nombre del canal LETSPLAYmarkus
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Descripción del canal Let's Plays und mehr zu unzähligen Games für alle Konsolen und Handhelds in HD und 60fps! Brandneue Videospielperlen und zeitlose Klassiker haben auf diesem Kanal ein Zuhause gefunden! Am 19. Mai 2010 begann ich mit Let's Plays auf meinem ersten, gleichnamigen LP-Channel "LETSPLAYmarkus"! Inzwischen habe ich über 8.400 Videos aufgenommen und zocke mit Spaß am Spiel und euch an meiner Seite immer weiter! =) ⌚ Neue Videos erscheinen täglich immer um 14, 16 und 18 Uhr! ⌚ ★ UPLOADPLAN ★ • Mittwoch, 31.10.: Sonic Heroes # 26 + New Super Mario Bros. 2 # 20 + Super Mario Party # 27! • Dönerstag, 01.10.: Metroid Prime 2 Streamaufz. vom 14.10. + Super Mario Party # 28 + Luigi's Mansion 3DS # 13! • Freitag, 02.10.: Best Of # 127 + New Super Mario Bros. 2 # 11 + Luigi's Mansion 3DS # 14 + BANJO-KAZOOIE RACE vs. WoloU, m00sician & Drakel TWITCH-LIVESTREAM ab 20.30 Uhr! → Liste von ALL MEINEN Let's Plays: ← ✪ Youtuber seit September 2005 - Let's Player seit Mai 2010 ✪