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Descripción del canal ► Herzlich Willkommen in meiner Gaming-Area! «Schaut euch einfach um und habt Spaß :) Es wird sich sicher für jeden etwas finden lassen.»
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Descripción del canal For PR inquiries, please ensure that the email address from the request matches the one you see on this page. - - - - - I get asked about PC specs on a regular basis, so here they are: Gaming PC: Recording/Streaming PC: Recording: Elgato Game Capture HD Mic: Shure SM7B into Cloudlifter Audio Interface: iConnectAUDIO4+ (Enables both PC's to use the same microphone) Gaming PC Monitors: Samsung UN40HU7000 (4k) and ASUS ROG Swift 27" 144hz (1440p) Recording PC Monitors: 2x DELL U3415W (3440x1440@60) confirmation code is 'VXYYGF'
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Descripción del canal Çocukçuk eğitici öğretici kanalımız çocuklar için hemde Anaokulu öğretmenimiz Özlem ablamız tarafından. Hem öğrenmek hemde eğlenmek isterseniz bu kanal tam size göre. Çizgi film karakterlerinin oyuncakları ile evcilik oyunları, ve oyuncaklarımızı kukla olarak konuşturduğumuz kanalımızda oynuyoruz, öğreniyoruz, öğretiyoruz ve keyfili vakit geçirmeniz için çalışıyoruz. Abone Olun ve Gülmeyi Unutmayın, İyi Seyirler! Bu kanal Cihan Kosif TV tarafından yönetilmektedir.
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Descripción del canal Family/Kid Friendly Pokemon Let's Player and Official "Shiny King" of the Pokemon Community. Full time Twitch Streamer on YouTube is where I upload all my stream Shinies, my Lets Plays, tutorials and so on. This channel is focused around Pokemon! Director for Team Kaliber Coach of the St. Louis Rampardos and New York Metapods.
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Descripción del canal Host, Editor, & Gamer at Smosh Games. Pwner of noobs. I play too much DOTA 2. SEND ME MAIL: PO Box 35279 Los Angeles, CA 90035
Nombre del canal HappyDays
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Descripción del canal Terraria! I'm HappyDays and welcome to YouTube's happiest Terraria gaming channel! I am a huge Terraria fan and love everything about this amazing game! I cover a lot of different aspects of Terraria 1.3 including Terraria item farms, news updates and spoilers, story-based let's plays, let's builds, top 5's and more! This is a family-friendly channel with moderated comments and no cursing/swearing. Want to see more? Check these videos out! Terraria Let's Plays: Terraria News & Spoilers: Terraria Top 5's: Channel Artists: TkdCory - Character art Matt_Zer0 - Thumbnail art Axius - Animations What is Terraria? Dig, Fight, Explore, Build: The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours! Thanks for reading! Here's a cookie! ?
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Descripción del canal Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! CaptainShack here and welcome to my personal channel TheXpGamers. Here you will find videos primarily focused on one of the best hobby's in the world. Gaming. With a focus on Sand Box / Space Sim / Indie games and dedication to help support one of the most talented groups of gamers, The modding community. If you need to contact me, as a mod author or game developer. E-mail me at the business address. If you get an E-mail that's supposedly me from another address "like" it is most likely a scam. Contact me at the below E-mail address to confirm. Mail Address TheXpGamers New PO Box Coming Soon - Email for details.
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Descripción del canal Welcome to the VTubers' Gaming Channel ( Virtual Youtubers) where we play and review games for all kinds of gamers. You will see Combo Panda, Big Gil, Alpha Lexa, and Gus the Gummy Gamer. There will also be Ryan from Ryan's ToysReview, Ryan's Mommy and Ryan's Daddy! We invite you to experience our world of gaming with Let's Play Games. Whether it’s on desktop, XBOX One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch,or Playstation 4, we will review any game for you. We have some of the best dual gameplays from video games like Roblox, Hello Neighbor, Mario Kart, Bendy & more! Our gameplays are part game review and are improvised & voiced over comedy sketch videos. Let's Play! Follow Combo Panda! Ryan's Family Review Instagram For business inquiries:
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Descripción del canal I Love Everyone.....
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Descripción del canal GameTube ist der private Let's-Play-Kanal von Christian, Daniel, Martin und Michi. Werdet GameTube-Patreon! (Keine Inhalte hinter der Paywall): Steam-Community: ________________________________________________________________________________ Fanpost-Adresse: GameTube Media GmbH Mährische Straße 11 80937 München Michael Obermeier/Daniel Feith/Christian Schneider/Martin Le ________________________________________________________________________________ Impressum: Verantwortlich: GameTube Media GmbH Mährische Str. 11 80937 München _________________________________________________________________________________ Geschäftsführer: Daniel Feith Martin Le Michael Obermeier Christian Schneider __________________________________________________________________________________ Amtsgericht: München Registernummer: HRB 216911 E-Mail: Ansprechpartner: Michael Obermeier