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Descripción del canal Hey, I'm Adi, I play video games. I have over 8,600 videos on the channel. Like, Subscribe and Hit that norification bell for the latest videos. I showcase mods and other games, I do NOT make any of the mods I showcase. CHECK OUT THE NEW SPONSOR WE GOT FOR THE CHANNEL Fan of Star Wars? Check out the Star Wars Merch on SALE! SW : Like Dank memes? Chjeck out the Memes Merch Memes: USE THE FORCE CODES FOR ADDITION % OFF AND SAVE THAT EXTRA CASH WHILE LOOKING GOOD! Extra 5% Order Over $49, Code: Force5 Extra 7% Order Over $79, Code: Force7 Extra 10% Order Over $99, Code: Force10 To Record my games I use Shadowplay from Nvidia and I use a AverMedia 4k Live Gamer for consoles. The best way to get the latest videos is always with a Subscription to the channel, Hit that bell icon to be notified of all my latest videos! Subscribe NOW.
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Descripción del canal PSN Fonejacker9 iFonejacker9
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Descripción del canal Playing Old Stuff, Playing New Stuff, Doing Whatever On a temporary slowdown while I get ready for an out-of-state move. Current Let's Plays: Stardew Valley Tales of Phantasia Mother Current Projects: Xenoblade Chronicles Bonus Videos Darkest Dungeon Bonus Videos Super Mario Kart If you would like to vote for any of the upcoming Let's Plays or help me customize them, this is all available through Patreon.
Games and Toilets Productions
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Descripción del canal Hi guys this is Lou. I lost my old gaming channel from someone that falsely reported me. However, I will not fall since I will keep making gaming channels to support my cause for the gaming fans. Secondly, I will also be posting toilet fixtures on this channel so that all can enjoy the classics from the early to the later years. Stay tuned since I got plenty to show you on this channel. So feel free to sub to me for toilet and gaming videos. Also I have highway videos if you want to see them as well. I mainly use this channel for games and jigsaw puzzles, and occasionally some everyday videos. Other games will include educational childhood games like Reader Rabbit and Blaster series
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Descripción del canal I play strategy games, sometimes I do well, But I mostly suck.
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Descripción del canal The BearAlMighty channel focus on StarCraft / StarCraft: Brood War / StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty / Heart Of The Swarm / Legacy Of The Void / Nova Covert Ops / StarCraft Remastered / StarCraft 1 / StarCraft 2 / Diablo / DIablo II / Diablo III / WarCraft / WarCraft II / WarCraft III / Heroes Of The Storm / Overwatch The goal is to get everything there is about StarCraft WarCraft Diablo Heroes Of The Storm & Overwatch on this channel. Enjoy! Keep in mind that this is a FAN MADE CHANNEL that has taken me thousands of hours to create, it is NOT an OFFICIAL BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT YouTube Channel The Owner of these games and it contents is it's Creator BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT OTHER GAMES that are not made by BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT are mostly let's play of other titles and have nothing to do with Blizzard Entertainment and they each have their own copyright holder stated in each of the videos description.
Joey Waresk
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Descripción del canal Willkommen auf unserem Kanal :-) Wir sind DiePixelHelden. Sechs Freunde, die beim Zocken die Masken des Alltags abstreifen und gemeinsam oder in Soloprojekten den Tag ihrer Zuschauer retten. Egal ob Rennspiele, Shooter, Sportspiele, Adventure, Kartenspiele, Pen&Paper: Jeder Held hat bei uns sein Genre. Unaufhaltbar werden wir, wenn wir uns in Multiplayerprojekten vereinen. Dann kommt alles zusammen, was uns auszeichnet. Unser Motto bei all unseren Projekten ist immer "Habe Spaß dabei!" Und genau diesen Spaß vermitteln wir an unsere Zuschauer und "retten so geimsam den Tag!" Also wenn du gute Unterhaltung und witzige Videos im Bereich der Spielewelt suchst, bist du bei uns genau richtig! ;-) Viel Spaß auf unserem Kanal wünschen DiePixelHelden! :o)
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Descripción del canal COMING SOON: Resident Evil 2 & Kingdom Hearts 3 & More! 4K 60FPS videos, Walkthroughs, Boss Fight guides and many more videos! I'm just a guy that loves gaming and music, you will find unique gaming videos and soundtracks on my channel! One of the fastest growing Gaming Channel on YouTube and the Home of 4K 60FPS. The Number #1 Best Quality Gaming Channel on YouTube, showcasing games in 4K 60FPS and 1080P HD. My channel is all about Gaming Trailers, Gaming Videos. Trophy Walkthroughs and Soundtracks. Subscribe to support my YouTube videos, Thank you everyone! :) -Coming Soon Walkthroughs/Playthroughs- Devil May Cry 5 Beyond Good & Evil 2 Metroid Prime 4 Final Fantasy VIII The Last of Us Part 2 Days Gone Death Stranding Resident Evil 2 Remake Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy VII Remake - PC SPECS i7-5960X 4.2 GHz GTX 1080TI 32GB RAM DDR4
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Descripción del canal Hallöchen auf meinem Let's Play Kanal. Mein Name ist Marcel aber auf Youtube geistere ich als CassMass umher ^^ Guckt euch die Videos an, kommentiert sie, gibt mir Kritik und vllt. is ja auch noch ein Abo drin :D Alles kann, nichts muss :) Am 12.04.13 ging mein erstes Video Online und da es mir einfach Mega viel Spaß macht, habe ich seit dem einige mehr Veröffentlicht und werde es auch weiter tun, ob ihr nun wollt oder nicht :D Wenn ihr irgendwelche Fragen oder Spielevorschläge oder sonst irgend etwas los werden möchtet, dann könnt ihr das gerne in den Kommentaren, per PN oder auch auf Facebook machen. Checkt die Links unten ^^ Wenn euch interessiert was so die nächsten geplanten Spiele sind, dann klickt den Link geplante Projekte, da gibt es ne Übersicht was so erstmal angedacht ist. Da kann aber natürlich spontan immer mal was kommen, was nicht auf der Liste steht :D