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Descripción del canal Games Completed: (Too many to list) Battlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 Borderlands Borderlands 2 Bulletstorm Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty World at War Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Cook, Serve, Delicious Crysis Crysis Warhead Crysis 2 Crysis 3 Darksiders 2 DMC4 Devil May Cry 5 + DLC Diablo 3 Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong Country Dynasty Warriors 4: Musou Mode Dynasty Warriors 6: Musou Mode Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Dynasty Wars Far Cry 3 Game Dev Tycoon Ghost Recon Future Soldier Kung Fu StrikeThe Warriors Rise League of Legends Mario Kart Wii Max Payne 3 Plants vs Zombies Pokemon Leaf Green Quantum Conundrum Samurai Warriors 2: Story Mode Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Star Fox 64 Super Street Fighter 2 The Sims 3 Torchlight Torchlight 2 Warriors Orochi:(Story & X-Stages) Zoo Tycoon Zoo Tycoon 2
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Descripción del canal Hi i am Vlodril (or Kostas is you prefer). I live in Greece and mostly game :). Here you can find various let's play's both single player and multiplayer. I also play co-op now and again. Trying my hand on some first looks / reviews as well. Favorite genres are rpg's , adventure and strategy games but i will play mostly anything that catches my attention. Love reading and i really like some good science fiction (books, tv's, movies or games dont care.) I also play some pen and paper now and again. Feel free to subscribe or drop by a video and comment if you like (all comments welcome even the negative ones as long as they are constructive).
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Descripción del canal Empathisch veranlagte Gamerin ♥ Ich entführe dich in eine Welt voller Rätsel, Abenteuer, Gefahren und anderen Widrigkeiten denen wir uns gemeinsam stellen. Hier darfst DU mit­ent­schei­den, darfst miträtseln und mitverzweifeln wenn ich mal nicht weiter komme ;) Also wenn du Lust hast: setz dich hin, nimm dir einen Keks und genieße die Show! =) ► Impressum: Redaktion: tyraphine POWMedia GbR Bramfelder Str. 102a 22305 Hamburg
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Descripción del canal Ich will bei meinen LPs Spaß haben, euch unterhalten und nicht zeigen wie viel Skill ich habe #sorbporter #einfachabgehn #ausliebezumspiel #echtegamer IMPRESSUM: Sämtliche Informationen bitte über die hinterlegte geschäftliche Email-Adresse anfragen. Fortnite Support a Creator Code ichbinsorbus
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Descripción del canal Welcome on the official XboxViewTV channel with 4K HD trailers and gameplay walkthroughs for Xbox One X and PC games. Subscribe and Like us here @XboxViewTV! XboxViewTV is your starting point for the latest game trailers and news in best HD quality. We are here for you day and night, so you can be sure not to miss any more trailers. XboxViewTV is the largest gaming entertainment network. Stay informed with the newest trailer, previews, gameplays, exclusives and behind the scenes for all upcoming games. © 2008-2018 XboxViewTV MEDIA, All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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Descripción del canal Let's Plays und mehr zu unzähligen Games für alle Konsolen und Handhelds in HD und 60fps! Brandneue Videospielperlen und zeitlose Klassiker haben auf diesem Kanal ein Zuhause gefunden! Am 19. Mai 2010 begann ich mit Let's Plays auf meinem ersten, gleichnamigen LP-Channel "LETSPLAYmarkus"! Inzwischen habe ich über 9.000 Videos aufgenommen (IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAAAND!!) und zocke mit Spaß am Spiel und euch an meiner Seite immer weiter! =) ⌚ Neue Videos erscheinen derzeit regulär um 15 & 18 Uhr! ⌚ ★ UPLOADPLAN ★ • Montag, 27.05.: Team Sonic Racing # 10 + New Super Luigi U Deluxe # 08! • Dienstag, 28.05.: Team Sonic Racing # 11 + Luigi's Mansion 2 # 20! • Mittwoch, 29.05.: Team Sonic Racing # 12 + New Super Luigi U Deluxe # 09 + ODDWORLD: MUNCH'S ODDYSEE HD (START!) Twitch-Livestream ab 20.30 Uhr! → Liste von ALL MEINEN Let's Plays: ← ✪ Youtuber seit September 2005 - Let's Player seit Mai 2010 - Twitch-Streamer seit April 2018 ✪
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Descripción del canal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hallo und herzlich willkommen auf meinem Kanal! Ich bin ein Let's Player seit 2010 und zocke hauptsächlich PC-Games. Neben RPGs gibt es außerdem auch Shooter und einige andere Antiquitäten. Ich bleibe dem alten Standard treu! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tägliche Videos ab 18 Uhr! Und vielleicht auch zwischendurch. Mehrere Infos findest du auf meiner Facebookpage. Schreibe Kommentare und abonniere mich, wenn dir meine Videos gefallen! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HINWEIS: Bitte KEIN Abo gegen Abo! No Sub 4 Sub! Keine Werbung bei den Let's Plays! No Advertisement! Block ohne Verwarnung erfolgt bei: Beleidigungen gegen mich oder die Community Spam! Block without warning takes place at: Insults against me or the community Spam! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Descripción del canal α UPLOADPLAN ω FESTE UPLOADS TÄGLICH: 06:30: Yo-Kai Watch 3 / Brawl Stars 12:30: Fortnite Switch / Minecraft Bedrock Switch / Brawl Stars 14:30: Yo-Kai Watch 3 Live-Streams: Nahezu täglich streame ich verschiedenste Spiele! -- Impressum -- Kai Stengel - Randomkai c/o Webedia Gaming GmbH allyance Cuvrystr. 3-4 10997 Berlin
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Descripción del canal Quill18 wants to rule the world. What could possibly go wrong? Tune in to one of the biggest strategy gamers on YouTube as he conquers his foes in strategy and simulation games, like Civilization, Europa Universalis, SimCity, and Dwarf Fortress. Marvel at his vast knowledge about bananas. Boggle at his total inability to pronounce city names correctly. Treasure that you aren't one of his overworked, underfed, and oft-sacrificed citizens. --- My official email address -- click "View email address" below. Did you know that I'm also a computer programmer working on my own games? You can watch my game programming tutorials at I also livestream here: I will announce streams here on YouTube as often as possible, but make sure to "Follow" on Twitch to receive email alerts whenever I go live. --- Mailing address: PO Box 2301, Station A Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3A 4S8
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Descripción del canal has been providing video game news and reviews for over a decade. It'll be exciting to see how games on the PlayStation 4 (PSVR), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PC will evolve over the next few years. We do not own most of the content on our channel, rather it is provided to us directly by the respective publishers/developers (or PR companies) in order to promote their titles to complement our own videogame news coverage through